Benefits of Membership

Individual Benefits

  • Able to join an existing team or create a new club team
  • Discounted prices for personal equipment (paddles, PFDs, etc.)
  • Access to off-season practice and training
  • Able to join the club travel team
  • Able to vote on club matters at the annual meeting
  • Use of boats, paddles, PFDs, and other equipment during practices/regattas
  • Covered by the club’s insurance while attending practice or club events
  • Reduced price to club sponsored paddling and coaching clinics

Team Benefits

Same as individual benefits plus:

  • Liberal practice times during the season (April-September)
  • Priority registration for club sponsored races
  • Discounted rates for club sponsored races
  • Eligible to qualify for National competitions if requirements met

Membership Types


Individual Guest No Charge

  • Guests are allowed one free practice to “test the waters”
  • Guests must sign liability waiver and the code of conduct prior to practice
  • Guests can later join the club as a non-affiliated member or join a team
  • If guest is a minor, he must have a parent/guardian sign the youth liability waiver and code of conduct

CDBF One Free Team Practice No Charge

  • Teams that register for the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival (CDBF) are allowed one free practice
  • Requesting a Club Coach and/or Stern are extra cost (see Practice Extras below)

Registered Membership

Adult Individual Member $50/year (non-refundable)

  • Member is not affiliated with any team
  • Member can try several teams to find the best fit
  • When joining a team, member may need to pay the Captain additional funds

A La Carte Team Membership$120/practice time slot

  • If registered for the CDBF, first practice is free
  • Each additional practice slot is $120
  • Additional fees may apply, see Practice Extras below

Full Team Membership $1,000/year

  • Payment in full at time of registration, or two payment option ~ $500 due upon registration, balance due June 1st
  • Maximum 25 members per team, which includes paddlers, drummer, stern, coach, and flag catcher
  • Two practice slots per week are allowed; additional practices can be requested at $120/practice slot
  • Additional fees may apply, see Practice Extras below
  • Includes youth 13 to 17 yrs.

Practice Extras

Standard Practice Time* Full Member Team Ala Carte Team
Dragon boat rental/practice Included in membership $120
​Qualified Stern $30 $30
Coach $50 $50

* Sloan’s Lake Tue/Thu, 5:30pm - Dark | Sloan's Lake Sat/Sun, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Non-Standard Practice Time** Full Member Teams Only
Dragon boat rental/practice Included in membership
​Qualified Stern $40
Coach $60

** Must coordinate with Scheduler and be approved by the practice committee


Flag Catcher practice at Sloan's Lake only from July 21 through July 27