Race Events

June Warm-up Regatta

This event will let you see how your team has progressed since the beginning of the season by giving your paddlers a chance to experience being in a race.  Here you can practice your strategy, adjusting as necessary before the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival (CDBF).  It’s also a time to enjoy visiting with other club members and even swap paddlers for a fun race or two.

CDBF ~ July

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival is the main regatta in which all the club teams participate. It usually occurs during the last weekend of July at Sloan’s Lake in Denver. This is a two-day event that features 250m Flag Catching races on both days, 500m Hong Kong races on one day, and 250m Hong Kong races on the other day.  In addition to racing, there are plenty of Asian performances and various vendors, including lots of food vendors. Over the two days, Team City provides a vibrant environment for the paddlers where we become a big family.

Register for the races through CDBF.org

GWN Colorado Springs ~ August

GWN is new to Colorado, first holding races in Colorado Springs in 2016. Not all club teams participate, nor do all the paddlers from a team participate. Thus some members who belong to a team that isn’t racing will temporarily join one that needs paddlers for this regatta.

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